Celebrate the flavours and colours of spring with this Easter Feast.

Beef Rib Roast with Shallots

Roast beef is an amazing showpiece, and a nice change from carved turkey or ham. This Beef Rib Roast is perfect for entertaining, since the roast can rest for up to 45 minutes and retain its heat.

Use an enamelled cast iron roaster, which can stand up to high heat in the oven, and be used on the stovetop to finish a red wine sauce.

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Horseradish Risotto

This take on risotto incorporates the flavours of leek, horseradish and asparagus. A refreshing and bright recipe for spring!

Enamelled cast iron is an excellent material for cooking risotto since it maintains a consistent temperature. You don’t have to keep adjusting the heat, and the heavy bottom prevents scorching.

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Escarole with Crispy Chickpeas

The enamelled cast iron base of Le Creuset’s braisers retain higher heats for browning meats and vegetables, like these chickpeas. The lid captures the steam nicely to warm and wilt the escarole.

Can’t find escarole? This recipe will work well with any leafy green (chard, kale, beet greens or dandelion greens) that retains some crunch when cooked.

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Raspberry Orange Bundt Cake

No Easter feast is complete without dessert. This raspberry orange bundt cake is impressive without too much effort thanks to Le Creuset’s nonstick bundt mould.

The cream cheese frosting adds sweetness to a bright and citrus-infused cake.

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