Welcome your guests to a festive holiday table with Le Creuset’s stoneware dinnerware and tabletop collection. Mix and match Cherry and Palm for a more traditional table, or turn to Cherry and Dune for sophistication.

Colourful dinnerware and creative tablescape means you don’t need to fuss with large centerpieces and poinsettias. Allow guests to select the colour they prefer for a more relaxed evening.

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Holiday meals tend to lean on the heavy side, with an abundance of no knead bread, baked brie, turkey, stuffing and gravy! Be sure to balance your meal with some vegetables. This kale and carrot salad with citrus vinaigrette is sure to impress.

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A touch of greenery will go a long way in warming up your tabletop. Use a piece of twine to attach a place card for a more rustic table setting. Fragrant pine or cedar add to the festive atmosphere.

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A good host always remember the butter, gravy, salt, pepper and any other accoutrements that create an effortless and delicious meal.
Le Creuset’s mills, gravy boat, syrup jar and butter crock seamlessly blend into the tablescape.

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