Have a clean and sturdy surface area ready with your equipment. You can use a
Le Creuset Cool Tool or dish cloth to ensure a firm grip on your oyster. Place your oyster on surface with flat shell facing up. Place your shucking knife in the oytser’s hinge (the narrowest end) at a 45 degree angle downward and toggle the knife back and forth. Applying steady pressure, you will feel the hinge pop. Shucking oysters does require a bit of force, so don’t be afraid to put some muscle into it!


Once the hinge has popped, run your shucking knife along the top of the flat shell, cutting the muscle. Discard top shell. Be sure to remove any remnants of shell that might be inside the oyster, especially around the hinge.


Slide your knife along the bottom of the oyster, motioning away from you, to cut the muscle and completely detach it from the bottom shell. Be careful not to spill any of the oyster liquor, the liquid inside the shell. Be sure to smell each oyster after shucking it. If there is a small smell of sulphur, discard the oyster immediately. It should not be eaten.
Lay oysters out on a bed of ice or rock salt.

Show off your shucking skills at an Oyster-themed party. Read our Guide to Oysters for what to serve, recipes and oyster etiquette.