Found in some of France’s most beautiful buildings, the symmetrical, four-leafed shape was often used to frame a window or opening, allowing pure, golden light to pass through and fill the cathedral with soft, yellow light. Inspired by the architecture of majestic French castles and cathedrals, our quatrefoil design shares the same visual harmony that compelled Europe to embrace this elegant Moorish symbol centuries ago. Made from four perfect circles, the symmetrical quatrefoil is the result of precise mathematical engineering. Reminiscent of a clover, the quatrefoil has become a lasting symbol of harmony, balance and good fortune.


Each limited edition 4.2 L Round French Oven is accompanied by a display medallion that is individually numbered and a certificate of authenticity.

The lid’s raised design was cast in a one-of-a-kind sand mold and hand-enamelled in a soft, golden Soleil. Honouring the year of Le Creuset’s inception, only 1,925 were made before the sand mold was destroyed.